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The 4chan cups are events where teams representing their 4chan messageboards compete in AI vs AI battle in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. They are currently held quarterly in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn/Fall while being broadcasted on twitch.

The 4chan cup is based on the >implying rigged wiki, so for more up to date information, go there.

If you want to chat with the people who run it, go to their IRC.

The /co/ TeamEdit

The /co/ squad's official inaugural competition was the 2012 4chan Winter Cup, in which they replaced /int/. An eager new team to the pitch with a lot of heavy hitters, fans are often divided about the squad's lineup, and continually on the brink of a reboot. /co/'s original theme was the Justice League theme; but was changed to "Sweet Victory" for the Summer 2012 Cup. The team colors are red and yellow. Leading up to the 2012 Summer Cup the team underwent a large roster update to better represent both comics and cartoons. The team has a history of performing well but not exceptionally. The manager himself has gone as far to describe the team "criminally average". What /co/ may lack in successes they make up for in heart, followed by some of the friendliest and dedicated fans in the league. With their hype mag, The Daily Bugle, you can always be sure that /co/ will be hyped up for any match they play. If you ever need team that's fun to watch, throw your lot in with /co/ and prepare for a bumpy ride.

The /co/ team can be found here the team manager and coach would appreciate if you don't edit or fuck with the team, he does routine roster surveys and polls after every cup the team plays.

This article is very outdated.