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/trash/ - Off Topic

Board created: November 9th, 2015.

Notable for being the third image board created during Hiro's ownership of 4chan.


/trash/ is depicted as a fat anthro opossum, the amount of fat varies with occasional arguments when it dips too far into inflation levels. She's anthro since furry content is allowed on /trash/, the only board outside of /b/ to be exempt from that rule. She does not often wear pants and her shirts are often covered or stained with something. She wears glasses and also a hat with a recent meme printed on it reminiscent of the one [s4s]-tan wears.

She is notably the only furry board-tan.

When /trash/-tan ventures outside of /trash/ to mingle with the other board-tans she dons a comically poor fitting human mask.


Best summed up as "fuck you, I like it", she's pretty relaxed most of the time. When something is sent to /trash/ it must be accepted since, when you're in /trash/, there's really no where else to go.


Many of the other board-tans try to pretend they hate /trash/-tan, but their inner furry tendencies betray them.

Could be friends with /mlp/-tan since there's a lot of MLP porn on trash.

/qa/-tan is the only board-tan who is able to see through her disguises 100% of the time.

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