Cannon Gay

Real Name

Carlton Weagle


Cannon Gay


The Justice /co/mrades







Heavily armed and hard gay.


Carlton "Cannon" Weagle was once a squad leader for the Black Grenadiers, a top-secret military task force created by the Canadian government formed for the sole purpose of defending the nations borders against illegally immigrating supernatural forces. Such was Weagle's talent for tactical explosives and hefting extremely large weapons that he became a legend among the assorted color-coded Canadian task forces; the poster-boy for paramilitary secret supermen everywhere.

Unfortunately, there proved to be a small catch... his fluorescent speedoes and ivory-pale thighs made him stand out enough during the job that a pack of illegal werewolves were able to follow him back to a hidden Black Grenadier armory where they successfully made off with enough weaponry to level a large city. While Weagle was able to slaughter the lot of them before any damage could be done, the Canadian government was livid about his being responsible for the risk. When questioned, he revealed his reasons for the previously unquestioned choice of uniform: after spending his long, violent childhood defending his ailing mother's rural home from a masochistic male golem with an intentionally unprotected weak point in its ass, the two had fallen deeply in love and lived together in happiness for years. This period of bliss was brought to a crashing halt when his lover was destroyed by a merciless swarm of demonic beavers, leaving the heartbroken Weagle swearing revenge and joining the nation's military to prevent further atrocities. In pride of his odd romance and addiction to homosexual anal rape, he ultimately discovered that the uniform he had been issued took far too long to remove on the battlefield for the purpose of bringing his victims to their knees, resulting in his modification. This answer was clearly not enough for his superiors, who then offered him a choice: the speedo or his job.

After violating the entire organization's derrières and stealing their weaponry, the newly rechristened "Cannon Gay" has set up shop deep in the Canadian wilderness where he continues fighting a one-man war on all manner of supernatural creatures residing within the country without proper identification. After all, he reasons, someone must continue the fight. As of now, he has proven himself a regional ally, albeit somewhat of a "loose cannon" to the Justice /co/mrades, serving as an expert of the supernatural and heavy artillery expert on multiple occasions. However, many of the heroes disapprove of his more unconventional methods of humiliating his defeated foes.