Also known as Avian Adventures, a concept taken from the following statement: "Care Bears sucks. You know what would be awesome? CareBIRDS." in response to Hasbro trying to capitalize on MLP:FiM's success with their marketing of the then new Care Bears show.

And so a /co/ original fantasy piece got underway. Discussion began in 2012 and went cold about a year later, yet the project is apparently still simmering.


A band of five unlikely birds join forces in order to prevent a group of malicious owls from finding and corrupting a bunch of ancient artifacts. When used in the right talons, these artifacts reawaken the Phoenix. But if the owls find them, they will create Titanis, an uncontrollable evil that would shroud the world in darkness and grant the owls eternal control.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Atticus Finch - A Yellow Finch sword fighter who is hot-headed, prideful, and tries to woo Helmi, a lady friend who is also a sword fighter. Is good friends with Charlie and has a highwayman mockingbird as a nemesis.
  • Charles Winston Benedict Wellsington III (aka Charlie) - A British jackdaw crow scientist, scholar, and engineer. Clumsy and absent-minded, means well but often gets into trouble because of it. Naturally intrigued by puzzles and the like, always encouraging the younger birds to think outside the box. Adoptive father to Ahere the kiwi (raised her from an egg).
  • Maggie - A Eurasian Magpie thief with an Itallain accent who is enigmatic, suave, and has a thing going on with Hawke, turns double agent mid-series. Her real name is embarrassing, so she prefers to be simply known as "Maggy". Mistaken for a boy once or twice.
  • Gavin Hawke (Hawke) - A lawful good Short-tailed Hawk police officer. Serves as the moral compass of the series, judges others on their actions and has a clear definition between right and wrong. A champion of JUSTICE. Has unresolved romantic tension with Maggie.
  • Ahere (AH he reh OR AH-ere) - A baby little-spotted Kiwi who serves as the group's scout. Spirited and good-hearted was well as very naive. Charlie’s adopted daughter, more or less.

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