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A long standing practice on /co/ has been to flood threads about bad webcomics with pictures of people dressed up for Carnevale, it was only a matter of time before a character emerged from these threads. It happened sometime during or prior to 2011.


He is a person of valor who has donned the mask of Carnavale.

Given superpowers and a snazzy outfit by a magical mask that had been used by a vigilante in olden Italy, he is in tune with the spirit/soul of whichever city he deems in need of his services and draws power from it.

Not to be confused with his Mainport City counterpart who also shares the spirit of Carnevale's blessing.

He has been known to work with members of The Friends of the Justice /Co/mrades on occasion.


By reading the leylines of whichever city he resides in, he can come to understand its feelings and then use its energy to gain extra-human strength/speed. By taking this a step further, he can become bonded to the city, giving him several new powers, such as:

  • Disappearing Act - If he's within city limits and an attack that would've killed him connects, his body vanishes and he reappears elsewhere in the city where he's able to recover quickly
  • Bringing inanimate objects to life
  • Making rooms bigger on the inside than they are on the outside
  • Creating floating staircases and other small structures
  • Force field creation - If he is bonded to a city then he is able to erect a force-field around it which can prevent selected individuals from entering. The condition is that he has to have met these individuals before and they must leave city limits before the force field is able to keep them from reentering.

Leaving the city for more than 7 days undoes the bonding. He maintains his extra human strength/speed outside of the city if he is still bonded with it.

He appears in a different Carnevale themed costume every time, as if he can predict whichever villainous crime he might be setting off to foil and dressing in a style to fit the theme. His mask is also able to take on different faces.