Colby J. Summers

Real Name

Colby J. Summers


None so far


CO & Friends Insurance








The Summers Family

A gothicly dressed androgynous detective, and a rival of /co/nrad's.


She's one of those kooky detective types, able to pick up on tiny details with just a glance.

She's socially stunted when it comes to any kind of relationship, be them romantic, platonic, professional, or otherwise, this appears to be a family trait to some degree. She might share an apartment with her oldest sister, but she's never home due to the type of work she's involved with.

She works with /co/nrad in the Ultimate /co/verse setting as a consultant for CO & Friends Insurance.


A woman with quiet intensity, but that doesn’t come from violent emotions or some sort of inner turmoil. Her intensity comes from a singular pursuit of one thing, the facts, what’s knowable, what can be understood of physical phenomenons. Her strict adherence to Empiricism and scientific method sets her apart from her colleagues such as /co/nrad. Most people and their emotions frustrates and confuses her, and so are their relationships with few exceptions.


This isn't a bad time, is it?

She doesn't work on the standard 24 hour day cycle and is up at all hours of the night, either investigating or just out of habit.

After spending some time competing against /co/nrad's detective style with her own, she came came to realize their detective skills were complementary and that she genuinely enjoys working with him. Since then, she's become prone to call him at all hours of the day, especially 3 in the morning, just to have mundane conversations with him. Though some misinterpret this kind of behavior as having a crush on him, it's more of a professional fascination and a desire to learn a new set of detective skills to better her own abilities.

She seems to be on good terms with her oldest sister (whom she refers to as "Eldest") who visits when she has new equipment to test out, she even tried to fix Colby up with /co/nrad once.