Lilah & Gavin

Real Names

Presumably Lilah and Gavin


Presumably none






Female (Liliah), Male (Gavin)


Legal (Liliah), Underage (Gavin)

/ss/ fetish - the characters.


During August of 2007 an anon made a thread talking about a show he was (more than likely jokingly) going to pitch about a pair of super powered cousins:

Hey, /co/! I'm pitching a show to the networks next week and I thought you guys would like to know about it.

It's starring this bespectacled kid, Gavin, who's a total nerd, and his cousin Lilah, who's a blind, red-headed loli with one robot arm. They both have super powers, but here's the kicker: their powers are activated by awkward incestual make-outs. They do battle against the strangely sexy forces of evil (usually anthropomorphized animals) as well as the ravages of puberty.

In season 2, they discover they can unlock even greater powers if they're naked during the make-outs.

It's called ROCKET CHILDHOOD. Ages 13+.

Due to the original artwork being "terrible and funny to behold" more drawings were made in increasingly better quality. Eventually the original pitch was lost to time (rediscovered as of September, 2013), but the better quality pics remained and were eventually reintroduced to /co/.

New backstories based on the few details about the original thread that anyone could remember at the time were concocted: Gavin now has a super scientist father, Lilah is now a few years older and not blind, and the concept now revolves around them traveling the world on their own and having adventures while getting into awkward situations with each other.


  • Lilah - Involved in an horrific accident and then saved by the power of SCIENCE by her uncle and tasked with looking after his son, Gavin, because he's always being targeted by kidnappers. She has a nurturing personality and has been close with Gavin since they were younger; now acts as his cybernetically enhanced bodyguard. Her rocket arm is probably just something her uncle thought would be cool.
  • Gavin - Boy adventurer and son of a brilliant scientist, he is always being targeted by his father's enemies and their numerous kidnapping attempts. Due to the constant danger he is in, he has developed a phobia of people and mistrusts or shies away from most people; he's comfortable around Lilah since they've known each other since they were younger. He's no boy genius, but he's still a bit smarter than a boy his age would normally be.

Together they travel around the world running errands for Gavin's dad... or so Gavin says, he really just convinces Lilah to take him to wherever far off place the current object of his father's research is located in an attempt to impress him. This often lands the two of them in awkward, compromising, or suggestive situations.