Ma'm Aries

Real name

Marla Marianna Milbornes


Ma'm Aries




Mostly neutral







A French thief with huge knockers.


Ares has a playful personality, if not with a rather amoral sense of what counts as play. She's not really evil, and barely even mean, but she's fairly self-absorbed, confident, and can hold a petty grudge. She loves to have fun with her gal pals (both ordinary and merc), has a strong but at least sane interest in sex, and has a nerdier, sillier side to her that she tries to hide behind confidence and her cherished bosoms. She’ll make friends with just about anyone willing to put up with her, villain or hero. She maintains friendly terms with /co/lette when "off the clock" (she's totally flat chested during this time) to the extent where they are somewhat friends. Whether or not she holds a teaching position at the college /co/lette attended remains to be seen.


She wears a canister on her back which holds her secrete super-serum: Bimbonium, a chemical uniquely formed that increases her strength proportionally to how much it increases her breast size; the formula is only known to Aries and her closest friends. The serum is absorbed through the skin (no injection required) and will rapidly stimulate breast growth. Aries possesses unique control over it via her body’s adaptation to it (a possible inherent superhuman ability), as anyone else exposed to it will experience random expansion, even literal explosions in their breasts. However, the control of her breast size is strictly fueled by the serum, so losing her pack, tubes, vial, etc. will make her breasts and strength go back down to her usual normal proportions. However, so long as she's in contact with it, she can make her breasts expand on command.

On average, she's about as strong as a weightlifter or professional athlete, but at full "power" she can lift a truck with barely a sweat. While she is only slightly more resilient to damage than a normal person, her actual breasts have been recorded as being nearly unbreakable.