If I See That Fucking Spoon One More Time

Real Name



The Vampire Spoon Thing




Attention Whore




20s to 30s


Dipper (daughter), Mandingo (wife)

Prior to Adventure Time's premiere on Cartoon Network, design sheets of the cast started appearing on /co/, followed by unusual reverence for vampire character Marceline before she had even appeared in an episode.

Not everyone on /co/ was impressed with the ratio of lust to character design work on this "spoon with hair," however, and soon a thread appeared with a similarly simplified "sphere and noodle" design character announcing herself as "Maggie the Vampire Spoon" and formally requesting /co/ to love her as unconditionally as Marceline. Many were annoyed (especially as roleplaying and posting with an avatar technically violate 4chan's global rules), but Maggie threw their insults back at them and managed to provide original response character art on the spot. Initially nothing more than the bowl of a spoon with a face, bouf hairdo and red hair bow, eventually Maggie began appearing full bodied or at least cropped to the torso, frequently in a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans and plain brown shoes (this outfit was the result of /co/ collaboratively designing it).

Fully formed now, Maggie branched out from trolling Adventure Time threads to appearing elsewhere on /co/, alternately sassing /co/ regulars and pleading for validation from them, further polarizing /co/mrades over whether she belonged on /co/ or not. Rather than repeat the same drawings over and over, Maggie satirized many of the roles female /co/mrades found themselves in: awkwardly clubbing, being an art school nerd in hoodie and glasses, slacker dude...

Maggie by natasha allegri

Maggie by Nat Allegri

Frequently seen trolling Adventure Time threads and branching out into others on /co/, Maggie derailed more than one thread and eventually artists who found her cute despite her pestering nature began drawing fanart, including Marceline's own character designer Nat Allegri (a sometimes semi-anonymous contributor to AT drawthreads). Not long after this fanart appeared, Marceline was briefly seen on the show wearing a similar outfit to Maggie's.

To the further consternation of /co/ mods, Maggie fanart branched quickly into rule 34, as often abusive as affectionate. Occasionally other /co/mrades would impersonate her, but it was usually obvious when the "real" Maggie was present. From time to time Maggie traveled to other boards on 4chan, cheerful but oblivious and resulting in /co/ threads from those boards' emissaries exhorting /co/ to take her back.

In 2012 another /co/ artist given to Maggie fanart depicted herself as pregnant by Maggie and the offspring was quickly named Dipper, a small silvery girl frequently starting threads by asking /co/ if they minded her spooning oatmeal into the VCR, leaving the oven gas on, and similarly misbehaving to much the same response as her "father."

Since Maggie's debut there have been other self-styled OC mascots on /co/, but none generating as much attention, even abroad