Manny Quinn

Real Name

Store Mannequin


Manny Quinn


The Justice /co/mrades




None, but identifies as male since he is a male mannequin

One day, someone decided to create a thread on /co/ to show off their newest creation (who they were calling "Edge" at the time), only problem was anons kept talking about how he had no face until the OP revealed it was just a mannequin wearing clothes, and so the name Manny Quinn was coined.

A founding member of The Justice /co/mrades, Manny Quinn was once a common Mannequin in a display window in downtown Arch City.


Arch City was once a cesspool of corruption and crime. Every day, the citizens called out, begging for a hero to save them, and restore the city, but nobody came. The City was just too frightening and monstrous for any man to feel that they had the power to change it. However, their prayers did not go unanswered. Somehow, their collective force of will brought Manny Quinn to life as their protector. Advertisement by day, by night he stalks the rooftops, dishing out justice with his fists.


Manny Quinn is an accomplished fighter and, as he is a mannequin, can detach his own limbs and control them. He can reassemble himself if taken apart. He also gains additional powers depending on what he has been dressed in: For example, when dressed in a speed suit, he gains superspeed.