Nuclear Knight
Nuclear Knight with his helmet off

Real Name

Clone of Hillary Pollux Plumington


Nuclear Knight


The Justice /co/mrades







Not to be confused with Evil Atomic Esquire who also took the name Nuclear Knight in an alternate universe.


Nuclear Knight was originally an early clone of Atomic Esquire created by Doctor Science, predating the creation of Atomic eXtreme. It was quickly discovered that although he had Esquires' DNA and his original pre-AtomicEsquire good looks, he had none of his powers and abilities. Doctor Science proceeded to brainwash him, encase him in a highly advanced nuclear powered battle suit, and send back in time to destroy Hillary Plumington before he gained his powers. He found Plumington in the past and attempted to kill him and his companion; believing himself to be successful, he began making his way back to the pick-up point. Before he could be retrieved (if the Doctor truly intended to do so, that is), a newly-empowered Atomic Esquire found and defeated him, and his battle suit was rendered useless. Atomic Esquire went off in search of Doctor Science and the cloned Esquire was left unconscious and undiscovered inside.

After waking and prying himself out of the destroyed machine, the clone, brainwashing having worn off, realized what happened, and found himself to be similarly endowed with atomic powers from the blast created when the armor was destroyed. Stumbling off, he eventually came across the charred remains of Plumington's companion, the knight, and removed the nuclear-powered knight armor equipping it himself.

He decided to take the name of Nuclear Knight, and made his way off to find the Atomic Esquire, and help him take down his evil creator.