Poison Dart
Poison Dart leaps into action

Real Name

Salli Dartly


Poison Dart


Justice Coalition (pending), Awesome Man, Lovely Ladybug







An up and coming young hero from Australia. Part magically enhanced human, part "magical girl," all spandex clad crime-fighter.



Self-styled intro

Salli was living an ordinary life, she had ordinary worries like how she always had bags under eyes, or that she still had baby fat, or about whatever it is  young-adults worry about these days, until one day she saves a frog from a fire at the local community gardens that Salli volunteers at. Turns out to be a wizard/alchemist from another dimension and grants her all the abilities of a frog so she can help him save his world.

She has self-esteem issues, so it took her a while to get used to the physical changes that happen to her when she uses her powers.

At some point or another she's invited to America to audition for the Justice Coalition and strikes up a friendship with Lovely Ladybug.


All the powers of a frog include super jumping, stretchy tongue, poison generation, acute muscle control in arms and legs, excellent eye sight, ultrasonic sensitive hearing which can pick up the weakest noises, vocal powers that can channel high and low frequencies- used for stunning opponents or communication, sticky limbs for climbing on any surface.

Although she can stretch her tongue to grab things and sometimes support her own weight, she sees this as a last resort since she can still taste everything it comes in contact with and getting splinters in the tongue is really, really unpleasant.


All of her tools are made by her with whatever resources were available. She may or may not have gauntlets that she can collect and store her poisons in.

Team UpEdit


Team up

During her audition at the Justice Coalition HQ she met and befriended Lovely Ladybug, and went on to join forces with her as a team after they had both cleared Liberty Lass' boot camp.

In addition to working with Lovely Ladybug, the two up and coming super heroines also allied with Awesome Man, who is not officially recognized by the Justice Coalition, but count him as part of their officially recognized west coast branch of the organization regardless.