Professor Badass

Real Name

Unknown (presumably not the same name of the person he is based upon)


Professor Badass


Mainport City






Early 40s

In late 2008, /fa/ started spamming /co/ with an unexplained picture of a dapper but gruff-looking black man in his early 40s whose garb was merely a few gears short of being steampunk (if you ignored the pink shoes).


Lacking a particular context for appearing in /co/, one anon decided the more constructive route than endlessly reporting it was to give it a /co/ntext. This anon hurriedly dropped the picture into a demotivator and named him "Professor Badass," hastily writing some copy underneath that if the subject only had a gold pocket watch, the universe would freeze solid from the coolness (he did, in fact have such an accessory).

Professor badass thread

The thread that started it off.

Only posting it on /co/ and only twice, the second time /co/ quickly built a legend around the Professor in a thread (capped to the left).

In the ensuing years the Professor's demotivator was reposted across multiple sites and has been explained on sites such as and knowyourmeme, incorrectly attributing him to reddit and other places. (The original photo is a candid of fashion designer and former art director Kevin Stuart on a photo shoot of Terrell Owens for; Stuart has been asked about his alter ego in interviews and is good natured about the unexpected free publicity).


Professor Badass is described as a genius with a short temper and no inclination to mince words, a master of hand-to-hand combat and legendary for both his discoveries and machismo. If he weren't, could he wear those pink shoes?

Professor Badass's current location is Mainport City.