Professor Manticore
Amanda Korr

Real Name

Amanda Korr


Professor Manticore








Lila Carver (granddaughter)

A mad scientist from the middle of the 20th century.


During her early years she studied under many notable scientists, even the extraordinarily old Von Kraut, as one of the last students he ever taught.

As a bright young scientist, the U.S. government hired her during the 1940s to help with the General Freedom genome project's aftermath to see if it could be replicated. Though she was a screwball with a badly calibrated moral compass, she was brilliant and on the good guys' side so her eccentricities were tolerated. Gradually she began to take things to less and less ethical places, eventually she just straight up started making monsters, and General Freedom was sent after her.

As a villain she always found a way to slip away and was impossible to pin down, but she was considered harmless (comparatively to other threats at the time) which kept her under the Justice Coalition's radar for years. For the most part, she kept to herself beneath the sea, merrily tinkering with god's creatures in a sub-base full of her chimeric children. All in the name of science, of course. She married another super-scientist, a German expat, with a daughter born from this union before Korr double crossed her husband and turned him into a squid monster. Their daughter was spared any such fate and largely brought up elsewhere.

Eventually she began to dabble more in human experimentation, kidnapping orphans no one would miss as fodder for her experiments. She pioneered the field of meta-human research, largely by cutting them open to see how they worked. It wasn't until the 1970s that Spearhead was able to track down her mobile sub-base, infiltrating it and baring witness to the atrocities within. Her latest experiments were focused on granting humans hydrokenetic abilities, and she succeeded. The boy she had put through torturous experiments for years would've killed her if not for Spearhead talking him down.

The trial of Amanda Korr was the first publicly televised trial of a supervillain, and her work horrified the nation.


After her conviction, her daughter (brilliant in her own right) quietly married another brilliant scientist and founded Carver Medical using her mother's research to revolutionize the medical fields.

Many of these technologies are vital to the Justice Coalition's continued operations.

Her last laboratory, the mobile submarine base, was re-purposed as a homeland for those mutants too unsightly or too aquatic to make their way among regular humans.