Part of the current Vanguard team. From left to right: Dragon, Jotunn, Jessica Rowe, Pantheon, Psykhe, Frankie Pegg, and Nano.

A collaborative superhero universe started on /co/. It's an alternate Earth, one where superpowers, magic, and cosmic forces have shaped and influenced humanity since our earliest days as a species. In some ways, the Earth of Project Vanguard is similar to ours, but in others, it is almost unrecognizable. 


Victory City, on the eastern coast of the United States, is the main focus of the setting. Formerly the base of a species of extradimensional invaders, it was captured and rebuilt by the Victory Council following WWII. The Victory Council turned it into Victory City, a city where superheroes and the superpowered could thrive without the constraints of normal society. 

Sadly, this utopian vision came to an end when the Reach occured. A mysterious dimensional rift annihilated much of the city, along with the greatest heroes and villains in the world. The city sank into a spiral of economic depression and misery, from which it has never recovered. Today, a new generation of heroes and villains have emerged to take the city in new (and sometimes opposing) directions. No one knows how the city will look when the dust has settled, but they will try to shape it as best they can.


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