Shark Lass
Shark Lass costume
Shark Lass in and out of costume

Real Name

Marina or Amy, depends on what version.


Shark Lass








15 maybe


Steven (brother), Chomps (pet)

One day Mangindo decided to have a thread about her newest character, a girl with shark powers. It started out OK, then went grimdark with rape and shit (and Shark Lass had to apologize because her creator couldn't write), then that got scrapped and she went with silly, lighthearted incompetent evil doings.

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By day she is a mild manner college student studying in Marine Biology with a loving family and acceptable grades. No one would ever suspect this meek girl to be Shark Lass! Deep sea scourge of Sunnyshore Island! (and sometimes Mainport Bay)

Though she calls herself a villain and does bad things, she's somewhat bad at being bad, like she'd stop a volcano from erupting (thus saving everyone on the island) simply to prevent more land from forming.


How she got her powers is unknown (maybe a radio active shark bit her, or she did some super science to splice herself with a shark), but what is known is that she has all the powers of a shark. She can breathe water, swim super fast, has a powerful jaw, and maybe muscles a little stronger than a normal girl of her build. She also possesses a keen inventive ability for ocean themed weaponry, like a shark themed bazooka.


But to Shark Lass it's Rover. Chomps is a genetically modified shark who can walk on land and is smarter than normal. He's the muscle to back up Shark Lass' escapades and is usually responsible for most of the destruction (and death) that goes in her wake. Some people are actually convinced that Chomps is the mastermind in this villainous partnership.


Being a villain, Shark Lass' rouges consist of rival villains with conflicting agendas and heroes alike.

Villainous Rivals:

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    Lava Lord, The Arbortraitor, The Terrarist, THAT guy

    Lava Lord - The Volcanic Vagrant. He is married to The Arbortraitor, they have a daughter together, Melting Point.
  • The Arbortraitor - The Benedict Arnold of beaches. Wherever she walks plants spring up, she also has the power to change plants. She is married to Lava Lord, but kept her name separate because she liked her theme.
  • The Terrarist - Might be in conflict with the Arbortraitor over being plant-themed villains.
  • THAT guy - No data.
  • Lobstergirl - Mad that Shark Lass has stolen her thunder


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    Crabra Cadabra and Law Star

    Crabra Cadabra and "his" assistant Law Star