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Real Name

Tatyana Petrovna


No official ones so far (The Voyager)


CO & Friends Insurance







Created on March 9th, 2013 for want of a journalist type character. Little did Anonymous know that this character would be the next one the resident troll (at the time) would desperately latch on to after failing to ruin two other new characters that came before her.

Next came the YEAR OF TROLLING, an entire year of constant spamming of what race characters should be. It really did last a whole whole year, holy shit. The troll finally died after being fed too much, but by then the damage was done. It took months after it ended to finally sift through the shitpost filled threads of that year to sort out what Tats actually became.

As it stands now she's a freelance photographer who does investigating on the side.


She was born in The Eastern Jewel, the country Sergei Sokol rules over as president for life. Peter, her father, decided this was not the place he wanted to raise his daughter and left/fled/deserted at his earliest chance.

They eventually ended up in /co/ve where he did his best to raise her free and far away from their homeland. One day her father died under mysterious circumstances spurring Tats to begin her investigative career.


Tats is a paranoid, untrusting, obsessive individual. She is almost incapable of letting anything go, no matter how trivial; this serves her well in her investigations, but not so much in her personal life. She is a conspiracy nut who believes there is an active, malevolent, powerful force out there that wants her dead. Her co-workers at CO & Friends Insurance (Conrad and Colby) are the only people she shows something resembling trust towards, and even then only resembling since one of them wears a mask.

She enjoys photographing things to an almost fetishistic degree if the subject matter really captures her attention... or if she can use it to blackmail people later, or if the photos can be sold at a high price.

Sometimes engages in the most stereotypically Russian things possible.


She is skilled in sneaking around unnoticed, be it in air ducts or in dark allies. Her small frame aids her in going unnoticed until she shouts "PHOTOGRAPHY!" and a flash goes off in someone's face. Her pack contains her notepad, camera, dictaphone, and whatever is convenient to the plot.

There are a great many ducts in /co/ve, and many of them have directions left behind by Tats to keep her from getting lost if she ever needs to revisit them, or to make sure others become lost themselves if someone else actually follows them.


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