That Girl You Drew

Real Name

Whatever you want it to be


That Girl You Drew




Whatever you want it to be


Female (though male versions exist)


Whatever you want her to be

She started off as an MS paint comic Psudomyn drew and posted on /co/ one day, then he drew her better.


A short comic of a stick figure originally posted on /co/ about a stick figure who wished to be drawn better, became a girl, wanted to be pretty, got longer hair and fuller a face, wanted to be smart, and got a college degree. She worked her way around various places on the internet after Psu posted an updated version, from which several edits were made.

What stays consistent in every edit is that each one starts off as a stick figure wishing to be drawn better, and then asking for various other additions to their design.

Unfortunately, she also became well known to tumblr who promptly went full retard social justice (as tumblr often does) with their own interpretation of the comic thinking that "longer hair = pretty" leading to a short haired version who turns into a punk skater with no college degree.

Then, later further, she learned all she had to do to be drawn better was to believe in herself... she learned this from skate sheep.

Gallery of EditsEdit