The /co/meleon
/co/meleon is loose again.

Real Name





FJC (occasionally), /co/ntainment (handlers)


Neutral (he's an animal)



What if we gave Cyclops' powers... to a chameleon?


The /co/meleon looks like a normal chameleon, but sometimes wears dual ruby quartz monocles.


We don't know how he got these powers or where he came from, but what we do know is when he showed up a whole city was almost completely destroyed in moments. His total destructive power is possibly only surpassed by Collateral Damage Man, but unlike him, /co/meleon cannot be reasoned with. Somehow /co/ntainment managed to secure him in one of their facilities and he was not permitted to roam free again until the Flash Bees incident.

The /co/meleon is set to make a cameo in The Amazing /co/ventures.



Laser punches

It started off just being optical blasts, but quickly turned into having a portal to the Punch Dimension in his eyes where the power is only limited by how much Punch Dimension Energy he can get out of his eyes. He can shoot the beams in opposite directions and spin rapidly, hitting pretty much everything in a 360 radius of him. He can also use the beams to propel himself into the air (as long as there is something solid to launch off of), he primarily does the to consume large quantities of bugs that congregate in the lower atmosphere.

If anyone would ever grab him by the tail or tongue, they would have an instant laser flail.

He still has his camouflage powers, but they don't really work that well since you can just follow the lasers back to him.