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Welcome to the The /co/nservatory Wiki

The wiki for /co/ original content

A notice to anyone new: This wiki is for content that originates from 4chan, made by the anons who post there for the anons who post there. If you find any of the content on this wiki offensive, kindly leave us alone.

Frequently asked questions[]

For people who need to lurk moar. This will be expanded as more questions are brought to my attention. I am convinced no one actually reads this.

Having trouble figuring out where to start? Try A History of /co/ Creations. For something that's more in-universe try the Time Line of the /co/verse.

What is this wiki for?

The /co/nservatory Wiki was created in an effort to catalog all of the creative projects, original ideas/content of 4chan's Comics & Cartoons image board: /co/.

These topics are usually discussed in "/co/ creation" (/coc/) threads, but are not limited to them as OC can pop up in any thread.

How does this work?

It works like a community toy chest. In the /coc/ threads you are free to post whatever ideas/settings/characters you want, but you have to be OK with other people playing with them (tweaking them, putting them in stories, using them for things, etc.)
There's no guarantee that what you post will catch on either.

If the OC you are posting is YOURS for something you are personally doing, then it would go to the "How is your webcomic?" threads.

If you just want feedback on an OC of yours, then it would go in the "donut steel" threads.

What counts as OC?

Original content being characters, locations, settings, events, projects, and "memes" to an extent.

These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Characters/settings made by someone for the purpose of sharing with /co/ and making comics starring those characters.
  • Something explicitly stated to be made for /co/.
  • An inserted character or a modification to a setting, like an AU or fanfiction which originates on /co/.
  • Typo generated characters where a character is created via expanding on a misspelling, or character mash-ups that eventually evolve into something more than just a fusion.
  • A persistent/scheduled noticeable phenomenon.

Some non-/co/ OC exceptions are made (such as board-tans) as they tie-in closely with some /co/ OCs.

What's a /co/verse?

A /co/verse is the common term used for a /co/ created universe. Each /co/verse has its own continuity. What happens in one /co/verse doesn't happen in another /co/verse unless otherwise specified.

This allows there to be as many versions of the same character as necessary without any continuity conflicts. It's necessary because all /co/ created content is free to use and there is rarely any coordination between the content creators.

Where can I find more pics of this character?

Try the /co/ booru or plus4chan's /coc/ board.

If you're looking specifically for pics of /co/nrad or /co/lette, then the board-tan shimmie is the best place to find them (even though /co/lette is not a board-tan, pics of her are allowed on there).


Don't be stupid. This is a place for gathering information so others can get a baseline for the character/setting/whatever. The information is often volatile since a lot of /co/ projects are constantly being re-worked or expanded upon, expect things to become out of date quickly.