Agitated mode

Real name

Veronica Merlo









One of Motion's rogues.


Average size, slim, long dark hair, green skin and yellow eyes. Her lips are cracked and there are sores on her hands, feet, and shins that open and ooze disease carrying puss. Her feet are almost always bare and are covered in cuts from walking on glass or other sharp objects. She wears tattered clothes and usually has a dazed or confused expression on her face when at peace.


A schizophrenic woman whose family was unable or unwilling to see her properly treated for her illness, instead opting to attempt to "care" for her themselves. One night she wandered away from her home and was lost for months in the streets of Chicago prior to being collected as part of illegal human experimentation trials where she was used as a guinea pig for an experimental virus that would detect and consume cancer cells. After repeated exposure to various strains and tests, the virus mutated within her, spreading throughout her system turning her skin green and her eyes yellow. The disease sought out and destroyed any tissue that wasn’t her own, damaged her nerves, and put her clotting factor into overdrive. She broke free, her world broken and now filled with monsters due to the torture she endured at the lab.




When not agitated she is confused and quiet, but when disturbed she can quickly turn into a violent, animalistic fighter who will not hesitate to attack in order to defend herself.

She primarily acts based on fear, more often than not she'll perceive something as a threat and attack. She has no desire for wealth, power, or revenge, but she can occasionally be coerced into doing something for another.


The deadly virus is present throughout her body in all fluids, including blood, puss and sweat. Within a short period of time, the virus will destroy the internal organs of anyone else who becomes infected before working its way out. She is completely numb to pain which allows her to use her strength and endurance to their fullest potential. Her enhanced clotting factor and complete immunity to disease allows her to consume material that would be unsafe for anyone else to eat.


She possesses no enhanced durability, though the illusion of it is given off by her lack of pain. Her fragile mind allows her to be easily coerced into doing things.