Voodini tips his hat

Real Name



Voodini, The Voodoo Magician, That Voodoo Guy









A minor c-list villain and nemesis of /co/ntainment , The Justice /co/mrades, and occaisionally /co/nrad .


A small time villain who plagues the people of /Co/ve.

Voodini's acts of magic themed villainy are often foiled by the city's various heroes, none of which can remember his name, and tend to refer to him as The Voodoo Stage Magician. His occult powers have brought him into conflict with /co/ntainmet, who routinely incarcerate him in their facilities.

From time to time he has crossed paths with /co/nrad and his friends, Tatyana and Colby being the only ones who ever call him Voodini. This has led to him developing an infatuation for the two, to the point of sending snakes that vomit dozens of roses and chocolates and Zombies that are trained to recite poetry. The poems tend to be inadvertently full of voodoo incantations that summon all types of nasty things.

He's generally considered a mild inconvenience at best.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Voodini possesses the abilities of a stage magician and a voodoo high priest.

He is a highly trained stage magician, well versed in the art in the prestidigitation. He is skilled in all manner of sleight of hand, misdirection, and illusion. He can preform all manner of tricks no matter how small or elaborate.

His Voodoo abilities include raising zombies, conjuring curses, casting spells, summoning all manner of demons, and he also has mastery over snakes and creepy-crawly critters.

He tends to combine both of these skill sets, and as such he can saw a person in half and revive them as his zombie slave, pull out demonic rabbits from his hat, disappear and reappear in giant plumes of colored smoke.

He can also invoke the ghost of Harry Houdini whenever he needs to escape from something, Houdini is less than pleased to be working for a super villain. Houdini will demand a fee from Voodoo Stage Magician which makes it so he cannot drink any alcohol (because kidneys) for a week every time he summons him.